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A note from Jesus?

A crumbling old church required complete renovation. During their Sunday early morning sermon, the preacher, searching directly during the city multi-millionaire company guy, made an impassioned plea for the money.

At the conclusion of the sermon, the rich guy stood up and announced, «Pastor, i am going to add ?10,000. «

Simply then, plaster dropped from the roof and hit the man that is rich the neck. Читать новость полностью…


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King Dom of Khidonski requires your hard earned money which help reconstruct their country following the 45 year tv Wars that has devastated the nation.
Becoming more popular actor, Hank, would really like one to play Beauty and also the Beast he will play beauty)
Jeanne Pierre has ways to thrill you that are beyond your imagination with you(naturally.
Career minded Dimbett is really a man that is young balls.
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